Back at square one

hello AGAIN ladies

so after having my 6 monthly smear brought forward by 3 months i have the results.....back to colposcopy i go!

okay so having a few questions.

only had lletz 3 months ago for cin3

1. recurring cin... what the next step

2. my colposcopy was so painful last time i would have rather been in labour and was given an awful drug called tramadol. can i ask to have this under general if treatment is needed agian.


many thanks

S xx

Hi S

it is very worrying isnt it Frown

Have you had 1 LLetz?  From my history/understanding, you can safely have 3 LLetz before another form of action is taken.

They arent nice are they.

It could be that you go back next time and you are clear, so try and think along those lines.

Sam x