Back and hip and stomach pain after treatment

Since I have finished my treatment I have sore hips and back and stomach pain I have been to the doc and they gave me antibiotics and took swabs and a pee sample and swab came back yeast infection I took tablet and cream for it but I’m still sore and I pee all the time and up twice in the night to pee it’s horrendous I couldn’t even think of going back to work in the next couple of weeks any help appreciate Leanne

Hi Leanne I am so sorry you are having an awful time. Im sorry I dont have any advice only to go back to your doctor if it hasnt improved you maybe need another lot of antibiotics to clear the infecton. Im sure you dont feel like going back to work you have been through hell and need time to recover. I hope other ladies have some advice for you. I hope you get a break soon xx

Hi Leanne,

Good to hear from you again and to know that the treatment is now over.

i think it is quite common to have bladder problems, especially infections. I have had a number which needed antibiotics , several courses to knock on the head. I also have dodgy hips and spine since the treatment and have been given bone strengtheners to help. Hope things get better soon, and do go back to the GP if you are not happy.

Hi Leanne how are you feeling today did you go back to your doctor? thinking about you xx

Hiya all Yip been back to the doctor they have went to the Dr at the hospital and they have given me a appointment for Wed this week to go to the western to see them tinder what they think Leanne