Back again

So here I am, back again, my journey started 18 months ago with an abnormal smear result, I have already had 2 lletz procedures and 1 punch biopsy, I am due to go back to the colposcopy clinic in 2 weeks where I will have another lletz or punch biopsy with another long wait for the results, just wondering, does anyone know how many of these procedures they’ll do before doing something else, surely at this rate I will have no cervix left anyway lol.


Hi picklepie, I've just had my second lletz today ( first one was 10 months ago) . The doctor said that if I have cell changes at my next 6 month review they would like to discuss hysterectomy but that was probably because my family is complete and I'm 47 so nearing menopause anyway.  She did say however that depending on the length of the cervix a number of lletz procedures could be performed if that was my choice .