Back again....

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all doing ok…

2 weeks ago I had my follow up ‘test of cure’ smear test which was 6 months after I had my LLETZ. I had a phone call from the nurse today to say that my results are back and I have been referred back to the hospital as I still have the HPV virus and also have low grade dyskariosis : (
Has anyone else had this come back after having LLETZ? My thoughts were that LLETZ gets rid of it so I was quite shocked to hear this… I’m also scared of needing a second LLETZ if I need one and what the implications of this are on being able to have children in the future as I don’t have any at the moment?

Would love to hear from anyone else who has had this after treatment?

Thank you xx

YES YES YES. I was diagnosed with 1a1 cancer after a LLETZ. I had another LLETZ a month later to make sure and this was clear. I go for my check up smear 6 months later and I get the same phone call from you. So in I trot for another Colposcopy, he had a look, couldnt see anything, took biopsies. All can back clear, no pre cancer at all just a slight HPV infection, Had another smear 6 months later and NOTHING ... ALL CLEAR. So try not to worry. My nurse also said when they called to call me in that if it was just low grade they would probably just take a look because of my history and just see me again in 6 months as normally goes back to normal from mild all by itself but all was ok anyway x

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Also I have had 2 LLETZ, quite a lot was taken but she said if I was wanting more children I would just have to let the midwife know and she would probably arrange a cervical length scan. If its too short now they would put a stitch in. Never said I couldnt have anymore

Thank you so much for the reply! I was just a little shocked to be called back in...was made an appointment for next week but I'm going away for a couple weeks so going to leave it until I'm back! 

Fingers crossed its nothing but thank you again : )