Back again :-(

hi ladies

so I went to my gp about my post coitial bleeding. she examined me and said that the opening of my cervix looks very red and aggressive. She wants me to keep a diary of my bleeding until June. im very worried as you can see ive got a long Gynae history. Has anyone had cin3 removed then been diagnosed with C a few years later. I have had all symptoms but she won't do a smear until June. I'm already going through stress with a tumour found in my ear (inital Thoughts were benign)  and having to go for more ct scans as my lymph nodes are not reducing in size after some months. 

I think if you are worried waiting till June will not help. I would go back and insist your GP refers you for a colposcapy even if it's just a precaution.  



i would go and see another GP. June!! Ridiculous.


I would book a private smear/colp through BUPA. Mine cost me £120 with BUPA On Demand (just phone the number on the internet) and it was with a gyne consultant and he had a good look. He let me ask loads of questions and the appointment wasn't rushed.

Even if it's £120 just to put your mind at rest until June that everything is ok and nothing untoward, it will be the best £120 you ever spend.

Good luck and best wishes,

Lucy x