back again

Morning ladies , not been here for a while but i have symptoms that are worrying me , i had cin 1 and had lletz treatment , went onto 3 yearly smears my next one is due next year ,  and my hpv was negative but for the last 6 months my periods have been all over the place none for 3 months then one every 2 weeks lasting for 2 weeks plus always seem to be on my period , went to see the dr and had  blood test for  hormone levels as i thought it was menopause beginning im 46 on wednesday , one blood test came back normal and one didnt thats all he said , cant help worrying its something more x 

Sounds like you have done the right thing in getting checked out. If the results are inconclusive can they repeat them. You have good reason to get in touch with your specialist nurse or consultant to have your mind put at rest. Good luck. Karen