Back again :(

Hi ladies

I last posted on here a while back - around December, when i had LLETZ for mild dysk, CIN 2 in January. Fast forward six months and I went for my check up smear last Tuesday. I wasn't too worried, was fairly confident that given the mild nature of my diagnosis, it wouldn't be back. WRONG! I got 'the letter' today - in a big envelope so you just know it's not a simple 'yup you're fine' mail. Man, I have NOT missed those letters.

It was from the colp clinic, apparently I need to go next Tuesday for a colp. There was no further explanation, just the usual standard letter about there have been some changes to your cervix etc.

Obviously, I am gutted and upset. However, time and experience both mean that I'm less panicky than last time round. I know that they said that if I tested HPV positive again, they'd call me back in for a colp just to be sure. I'm hoping that's what it is. Common sense tells me that as the changes were mild last time (and the first time I'd had the abnomral diagnosis) they're very unlikely to be more severe this time.

I got the letter when I got in from work so my GP is closed. I'll call tomorrow and find out what I can. I'm on holiday next week so will need to move my colp anyway.

Can anyone offer any reassurance? I guess I'm worried about having another LLETZ as I know it will affect my fertility. I'm 34 and plan to try for a baby next year. If it's back, i'm tempted to fast forward that!

Thanks very much xxx

I should add that I've had no worrying symptons - no bleeding or bad periods or anything.

Hey, just wondered how you've got on? Iv got my 6 month check up next month and I'm so scared...... Iv managed to put it to the back of my head for last 4 months but now it's like a huge shadow coming towards me :( 

Hi Charlotte,

I hope it was nothing serious! I had my LLETZ done 4 months ago and had to go back to the doctors today as i've had bleeding symptoms again :( trying not to worry but it's so difficult and my check-up is 2months away and as my check-up is that far away they have decided to refer me back to the hospital...

Katey, i completely understand where you are coming from, a lot of people keep telling me not to worry but it's so difficult not to



Hi girls. I haven't been yet,  cancelled my appointment as was in Spain. So am expecting a letter when I get home, hurrah!  I've tried my best to not worry about it, worrying can't change anything! Am hhopeful it will all be ok. It is scary though. Really hope all goes ok with you both. I hate having the fear back - and the waiting. Ah well, I know things could be so much worse xx