Back again, still scared

Hi ladies

I just got my colp results. Apparently there is cin (didn’t say what grade) and i will need a lletz, on January 22nd.

I’m gutted. The colp wss on December 11 and I’d so hoped I would not need a lletz. I know that is abnormal cells and not cancer (the letter said so) but I really wanted to avoid a lletz. Seems a lot of you have had bad experiences with it with nasty side effects. I’m very scared.

Even though I know I’m hopefully one of the lucky ones, and the cells can be removed, I feel very panicky and emotional. Also at the thought of more waiting, for the appointment, then results after that! I’m not sure how well I can cope, which sounds pathetic, but it’s how I feel.

My boyfriend doesn’t really understand. He thinks as long as it’s not cancer, it will be fine and i.know he is right, but he doesn’t get the emotions that go with it. I feel very alone right now.

Sorry for whingeing on, I just needed to share! X x

Hello Hun,

i had a smear which came back severe dyskaryosis, so I went and had a lletz on weds. 

It was  not as bad as i had imagined I have an anxiety disorder and I managed it Hun, the injection feels like a little pinch and then it's numb about 30secs later, I felt NOTHING I didn't smell any burning as they have a fan on where the spectulum was, I was only long becoz I had trouble bleeding coz I was panicking, 

i am a MASSIVE worrier and if I had to have it done again I would, 

the worse part is the WORRY


u will be fine I promise. I spent a whole week googling for hours a day and in the end it was no where near as bad I thought, 

Hi Charlotte,

I'm sorry you're back (in the nicest possible way!). Sarah is absolutely right, the worst part of the LLETZ was the lead up and my worry about it. As you've already had a colp. you kind of know what to expect, they'll do the same thing and put solution on your cervix to highlight the affected area, then a pad thing gets taped to your leg (something to do with the electric current used in the LLETZ) and don't be surprised if during the LLETZ this gets warm - I freaked out but it just means its working lol. I don't remember feeling anything at the injection (my mum said they used a gel, but I'm sure the nurse mentioned an injection) but this is probably because I dug my fingernails so hard into my hands that I almost drew blood - distraction is a brilliant thing!

Then you wait a minute or two for the drugs to work, I didn't get shaky legs or a racing heart as some people have, but my little finger and the very tip of my ring fingers did start to tingle (very odd lol) but again, prefectly normal. The nurse then tests to see if you can feel anything. You can feel a sensation but no pain (like when you have a tooth out at the dentist, you can feel tuggng but it doen't hurt, or when you put earrings in if you've had your ears pierced for a while, you know somethings happening but it doesnt hurt).

Then the actual LEETZ takes like a minute, the suction machine thing is loud but I didn't smell anything and it was over before I knew it. Then there's a minute or two wait to make sure the bleeding has been cauterised, then they sit you up really slowly (you're in charge of how slow you go and they don't rush you which is great) and a nurse will get you a drink because you'll be a bit delicate, like after giving blood. (Good god I've just realised this post is huge!!! Sorry!!!) Then they'll talk to you about 'aftercare' and stuff (don't do heavy excercise for a bit, don't get battered for a bit, don't take asprin for a bit, don't have a bath for 4-6 weeks, don't have sex for 4 - 6 weeks etc) and then they'll take you to a recovery room where you can sit for as long as you want.

Again, like Sarah said, having been through it once if I needed to again I'd do it in a heartbeat. It's not the most pleasant thing I've ever done but it's by far not the worst - ear piercing is MUCH much worse!! 

If you've got any questions or worries before/after/at all just PM me x x  x