Baby problems need help thanks

Hi I was pre cancer of the cervix I had to have two lots of loop so only have a about 2% of my cervix left had my six month check was clear we was planning on having a baby before all of this and now even tho the doctors said that we could try there would be risk and we decided that we couldn’t risk having a baby now everyone around me is having a baby my sister is due soon my brother just had one and my sister in law is due in 3 weeks and am finding it really hard to fine with what we decided with all these babies every where I was wondering if you had any advice as am feeling so lost and don’t really have anyone who has been through it all they all say you can do it have a baby but i don’t no if I could put myself through it knowing the risk any advice would be great thanks


With so little cervix left the doc will have to do a procedure which I believe is basically putting a stitch in place to keep everything strong at the neck of your womb. It does make the pregnancy riskier, but not impossible - they do it all the time. You may have to be monitored a little more closely, but your doc should be able to give the low down on what's involved. 

love t x