Awaiting Trachelectomy Surgery

Hi all, this is my first post on here, hope I am doing it correctly!

I was diagnosed during pregnancy and have had 5 rounds of chemotherapy during and after birth. I am 12 weeks post partum and MRI showed chemo has been successful and I am scheduled a Trachelectomy next week. 

I was just wondering if anyone had undergone the surgery and what to expect symptoms, recovery etc? Feeling very nervous. 

Thanks! X


Theres a good Facebook page TTL which has lots of info and other women who have undergone Trachelectomy.

Good luck and good news that your chemo has been successful xxx


I had my vaginal trachelectomy / Larascopic lymphnode removal 3 weeks ago. I was really nervous before but honestly the worst part of it all is the anti clot injections that you have to take for the month after! I went to hospital the morning of the surgery the op was around 4 hours I came round and was on a morphine drip and felt really sick but was knocked out until the day after. The pain was there but I unluckily came on my period too! So I think the level of pain I had was worse due to that but it wasn't anything morphine didn't sort out! I stayed in hospital 4 days and they took my catherter out on day 2 and even that didn't hurt ( and I have no tolerance to pain) by day 3 I was feeling much better and walking around the ward. I went home on day 4 and my mother in law moved in for a couple of weeks to help with cleaning etc. Pain wise it was completely manageable and upon leaving hospital they give plenty of pain killers to get you through. I was so nervous and scared of having the operation that my whole recovery has been a pleasant surprise and no where near horrific as I thought it would be. The only bit I can't stand is the injections everyday in the stomach but you get used to it and ice helps! 


Good luck with your operation! And message me if you have any questions :) 

Thank you both for your messages! I had to do the daily injections for about 3 months during/after birth so I’m a pro these days!! 

Op delayed a fortnight now but I’m feeling a lot better about it :) xx