Awaiting the Results

After lurking for a few weeks, I finally plucked up the courage to write this, I am awaiting the results of my loop biopsy so maybe I’m jumping the gun by posting in this section, but have this gut feeling what the result will be.

I had an ERPC on the 6th January after a missed miscarriage and while under GA the surgeon noticed a firm nodule on my cervix and referred me to the colposcopy unit, I attended yesterday expecting just a check up but had a 2 sections of loop biopsy, the lovely staff in the unit did their best to keep me calm when the consultant explained that he wanted to get me an emergency MRI and to expect a phone call very soon, I’m back at the hospital next week for the biopsy results.

Up until last April I was on yearly checks and then they switched me to 3 yearly checks due to abnormal smear 10 years ago so its not like I haven’t been super cautious when it comes to cervical health, I had my coil out in October to try for a baby and the doctor stated it all looked healthy so to be at this point 6 months later is an absolute gut kicker.

Thank you for listening and any advice would be gratefully received on how to handle the wait


Hi Dawn and welcome to the forum :-)

It is generally acknowledged that the waiting for results is the worst part of the entire process but perhaps this may help; If it is small enough for your team to even bother with a loop, then there's a chance it is small enough to be cured by that very same action. Therefore there is a pretty good chance that your results will be something along the lines of 'yes cancer was present but we got it all out with clear margins'

Hope that helps :-)
Be lucky :-)

Hi Dawn

I just wanted to send positivity to you and let you know we are hoping that the loop got it the first time round x