Awaiting second colposcopy

Hi everyone. I am new to this site, and wondering a few things. Here is my story:

In August of 2012 I had a routine pap smear it was approx 6 months late due to starting a new job

and waiting for new insurance to kick in. Then I also had to find a new GYN and Doctor. I found a regualar Dr first.

She was willing to do my pap. Never got any reslutls. In October Nov and Dec I had abnormal bleeding, January was also abnormal

but this was the first (and not the last) time I bleed from having sex. My bed looked like a murder scene. I started

my period 4 days later. Found an actual GYN and thats when I found out my pap in August 2012 was abnormal. She did

ultrasound, that was neg, she did HPV that was positive for high risk. She also check for all STD's or STI's possible. Everything

was negative. During the colposcopy I bleed extremly bad it took her a good 30mins to stop the bleeding. She said the cells

looked to her like moderate to severe dysplagia. The lab report showed only one area of mild, the rest was negative

for dysplagia. I continue to have abnormal bleeding every month and bleed during sex (not always, but often).

My first abnormal pap was an ASCUS results. I went back for another pap on February 2013 and this one was again abnormal

this time with a LSIL-H which is not a common abnormality but its more severe that LSIl and just under HSIL. (from what

I have read) Anyway, during the pap/pelvic exam I was in a lot of pain when she pressed on my pelvis. Yes, that is always

uncomfortable for most women, me included. well the year before when she did a pelvic it was more tender than usual

this time it down right hurt! I have noticed since then that I have constant pelvic cramping. sometimes more somtimes less

Honestly, it is probably something I may have never noticed until that pelvic exam. I was scheduled this week for another Colp

but I had to reschedule and now I go back on April 2nd.

I am wondering to anyone that has been diagnosed with CC when the results came back with an abnormal pap, what was

the diagnostic abnormaily on the pap? My first was ASCUS and my second was LSIL-H.

Also, How many abnormal paps did you have before the diagnosis of CC?

Did the CC really take years to turn into cancer like everything I have read says, or did it happen faily quickly?

I am just extremly nervous since this is going to be my second colposcopy in a year. and its my second abnormal pap in








Have they not taken any biopsies to determine what is actually going on? from my understanding smear results are just in in dictation of that's going on but an actual biospir or tissue sample will show exactly what's going in whether it be CIN or CC? 


Johanna88, yes I had a biopsy with my colposcopy last year and it showed cin1. I went down to part time at work and lost my insurance so I did t go back until last month and that pap showed abnormal again, with a higher abnormality. I am scheduled for another colposcopy on April 2nd. I'm sure she will also do another biopsy at the same time.