awaiting results....

I’m currently awaiting results and my work has been so insensitive i feel really rubbish and think i have depression, this is something i’ve suffered before. sometimes i feel positive but 99% of the time i’m just fed up and down.

wondered if anybody knew any statistics as i found it hard to research. I’m only 25 and have been diagnosd with CIN3. i had the LLETZ treatment and a punch biopsy. I’m scared that the abnormal bleeding i had is related and the diagnosis of Polycystic ovaris could be wrong. Sometimes i think the NHS are really rubbish but i know nurses who are amazing. It’s really frustrating.

I know i can’t do anything until i get the results so there’s no point worrying, but im so anxious. I can’t talk about it without getting upset and i’m constantly checking to see if post has come! It’s been 3 weeks i’m hoping it will come soon even though it can take up to 6 weeks.

I’m currently going through an appeal on disiplinary action for my sickness (i was only off 4.5 days over 6 months!) they’ve disregarded what i’m going through and it’s making me stressed and even more ill! i also think i have a lump on my neck, had it a while and didn’t think much of it but now every little thing that could be related makes me worried!

i am a smoker as well but finding it really hard to give up whilst depressed and i’m comfort eating a lot too :confused: all i want is to be positive and get back to the gym and eating properly but i just can’t! it’s horrible.

Hi, I just posted about waiting for biopsy results too, it's so hard isn't it. I'm doing the same thing of thinking every twinge and odd symptom is somehow related. Do you have an HR manager or a union representative to help you with the work problem? It sounds very unfair to go through this on top of your health worries. If there's no one who can help you at work you could try asking the Citizen's Advice Bureau, they're very good.

Please stop smoking! It will make it a lot harder for your body to fight whatever's going on. You're right to be frightened of being ill, who wouldn't, so let that fear do its job and scare you into stopping! It sounds like maybe you could talk to your doctor about how you're feeling at the moment. I go to therapy, which really helps. I didn't like anti depressants but some people get great results from them. Your dr might be able to help you get counselling. You can change how you feel, I promise! You need to put yourself first, take care of yourself - imagine this was happening to your best friend, what would you want for her? I know how hard it is when you're depressed. Be kind to yourself xxx


Hi Amy, thanks so much for your message, it's nice to hear from someone who has been feeling the same. Luckily I am a member of unite which is a union, my appeal for the disiplinary outcome is tomorrow and my rep says I have a strong case because my manager has been very unsupportive and if I'm honest he's just a t##t!! I'm hoping things will get better but am looking at different jobs as I feel I might be happier leaving. I just need to get through the next few weeks, it's been 3 now since my treatment and biopsy so I'm hoping they will come before the full 6 weeks they advised :(


how is long have you been waiting? And how old are you if you don't mind me asking :) I know, I need to give up smoking and make some changes I think going to the doctor is a good idea as I'm not coping well enough to be able to get any kind of motivation! So fed up, I'm trying though and that's all I can do just hope some good news comes my way soon.


life is cruel to us sometimes, wishing good news for you too and here to chat most evenings if you need somebody , in a way it's nice to chat to somebody who knows nothing about me but can relate. X 

Hi again! Glad you have a union rep on your side, even so it's ridiculous they're putting you through this. I only had my colposcopy a week ago, seems like forever already! I also had a CT scan on Monday as I've been having so many symptoms, I expect I'll know the results of that before the biopsies. Either way it's an anxious time. I was dreading going for the scan although I've been fighting my dr to get him to do anything for a year now - just feels so final, now those images are out there somewhere and all I can do is wait. Get very jumpy when the phone rings, checking the post etc. I want to know but at the same time don't want to hear anything too quickly as that would probably mean horrible news. Ugh. I'm 33 by the way! Never had an abnormal smear before and I had to go private for this one as they were refusing to do it on the NHS as I wasn't due one. Hope you had an ok day today xxx

Yeah my union rep is really good so fingers crossed for Monday! And for you too with your CT scan ive had one before and an MRI for something unrelated I absoloutley hate hospitals so I'm dreading having to face any more treatment etc I've been waiting 3 weeks so hoping that means good news although I've read plenty of posts where people have had cancer results after the full 6 weeks, you just don't know! ah ok well hopefully not having abnormal smears before is a good sign :) this was my first one! I feel the info given was confusing and I still don't understand everything! Annoying that you had to go private the NHS disheartens me sometimes. But at least it's progressing forward! I had an ok day, im poorly at the moment so tucked into bed with a hot water bottle :) have a great weekend! Keep me updated xx

Hi hun. I was in exactly the same position as you about 9 months ago so I know how it feels. I am also 25. I gave up smoking the year before I was diagnosed and it was one of the best things I've ever done. We all know it's a risk factor. Use this as your motivation to stop. I'm not telling you this to scared you, more to try and help put your mind at ease. My results after lletz turned out to be early stage cervical cancer. While this sounds scary, practically all it meant was I needed another procedure under general anaesthetic and that was it. If it was anything more than early stage it would have been picked up already. It is incredibly unusual for this to happen and if they suspect cancer they have a 2 week deadline for things like results and getting you booked in for treatments. All my results and treatment were dead on the two weeks every time so the fact that you're at 3 weeks is a very good sign. It's impossible not to worry. I have recently been receiving counselling to help me come to terms with everything on the lead-up to my 6 month checkup and it has helped a lot. Good luck, screw your job and let us know how you get on xxx

Hi Jo - thanks for your message. Was comforting reading your story and sounds like you're dealing with it well. Happy to hear it was a fairly easy process and that puts my mind at ease a little ! It is hard not to worry and i am trying my best :) I read a lot of comments , posts etc that says if its bad news you generally hear quicker which made me feel a bit better but I have also read people's stories where the results are cancer and they've had to wait the full 6 weeks! So I can only hope for the best I guess and tackle things as they come.


you are right I need to stop smoking. Think counselling may help me also I just need some motivation and am really struggling :( xx

Hi rhirhi have you heard anything yet? How is everything? X