Awaiting results

Hi, i’m new here. I had my colposcopy 5 weeks ago tomorrow. I’m slowly going out of my mind waiting for the results, i’m really worried with what i saw on the screen when they did the exam and the nurses were acting strange which has me really worried. My smear came back as high dys. which i’m guessing is cin3, n i’ll most likely be needing treatment, the nurses took 8 biopsies, which luckily only one really hurt, hmmm that would be the one i’m worried sick about. I hate the waiting feel like i’m living in a nightmare.

Hi Sharon,

I feel your pain on the waiting game. I had my Colposcopy last Friday and the consultant suggested LLETZ there and then which i agreed to. 3-4 week wait now for my results :(

I hope you hear something soon.