Awaiting results

Hi I’m new to this page , 5wks ago I had a routine smear test & the nurse was asking me questions about my general health, I told her I found sex painful and bleed after & my periods where erratic loosing clots etc, told her I put it down to my age (49 ) she then informed me it wasn’t normal & I needed to see the Dr!!! She did the smear & I bleed bad after it!!! Saw the Dr the next morning and he put me on a 2wk referral as I’ve had cancer 2yrs ago in my neck & my sister died at 46 with CC. Had my gynaecology appointment on the 20th March ( colopscopy) she told me I had a polyp & 2 abnormal swellings in the top of my cervix so took loads of biopsy’s, plus I’ve had really bad pelvic pain for the last 4wks continuous!!! , now my results appointment is the 19th April, also my smear results came back today saying ’ looked normal ’ so you can imagine how confused & scared I am now !!! Anybody else’s smear said normal & colopscopy didn’t???
Thanks for reading & would be great full for any advice please
Maxine ( maxicrab33) xxxx

Did they test you for hpv?