Awaiting Results...who to call?

Hi Ladies!

I've been waiting for my colposcopy results for 4 and a half weeks now and a few people have advised me I should give them a call and see if they have come back yet.

This might be a daft question but who should I call? I had the colposcopy done at my local hospital so should I call the colposcopy department there or should I cann my GP and see if he has received them yet?

Thank you :) x

Hi Fiona, try both of them that's what I have been doing (waiting 5 weeks now). I phoned the number on my aftercare sheet for the colposcopy dept. and she confirmed that my results were not in yet. Another day when I didn't have that number to hand I was put through to a nurse who gave me the whole "please just wait 6 weeks before calling" and I don't think she really checked anything on the system. So it may depend who you speak to at the hospital as to whether you get any info from them. Phone your GP too as they will obviously receive your results from the hospital. Hope this helps and best of luck with the results xxx

You should call the colposcopy clinic where you had it done, they often have the results in but just haven't typed them up yet and while they usually can't give any results over theĀ  phone it might speed up your results being sent out. Good luck with your results x

Hi I was thinking the same today after having my lletz on 19th December. So i called the colposcopy clinic. She said she couldn't give the results over the phone but a letter had been sent out today. I think this may be the longest couple of days so far now I know it's coming. Quite nervous. Hang in there xx