awaiting results & really panicking...

Hi ladies, Ive been waiting for the results of my punch biopsy after an inconclusive colposcopy (smear CIN2). I called the hospital on Tuesday to chase up my results as it'd been 5 weeks, I was told that they were in & the letter had been dictated so it'd be sent out on Weds. I've been anxiously awaiting the letter but as of this morning, I had nothing. About lunchtime today I got a call from the colp. office asking me to call them before 2pm today or Monday... I didnt pick up the message until 4pm so now I've got another wait ahead of me and I am really worrying about why I've not had a letter & they want me to call them.  My boyfriend is trying to reassure me by saying maybe they got delayed sending it etc & thats why they're phoning... but of course my mind is screaming at me and insisting that they only make calls to you if its serious. The rational bit of me is saying it's probably nothing sinister & to stop worrying but I can't. Anyone else  had anything similar? Any advice?? Xx

Good luck for tomorrow! Hope everything is fine...

Let us know how it goes

Frankie xxx

Hi Frankie,

Thank you.  I spoke to them and they've booked my in for treatment (which I'm presuming is my LLETZ as the woman ont eh phone was quite unhelpful) on the 27th but I still don't know what my results actually were as I've not received the letter yet - very frustrating!

At least it's being sorted now!

I wish they wouldn't leave voicemails though without saying 'nothing to worry about' etc as I feel stupid for spending all weekend worrying and thinking the worst.

L xx

I am really glad to hear its not bad news! Hopefully this treatment will sort it :-)

It's amazing how much all this can worry you, I would never imagine myself to be so taken over by this... Good luck for your treatment xx 

Hi Lizzle,

I would imagine the treatment is the LLETZ treatment that they have you scheduled for. It could be a possibility that they just want to get rid of the cells for you and this is hugely successful in doing just that for most women. Please let us know how you get on and I've had the treatment twice now so please don't hesitate to ask me anything on it. I know how worrying it all is, it just takes over you sometimes and no matter how much people say 'no point in worrying', 'you'll be fine' etc sometimes we fear the worst. I really think hospitals should be more sympathetic with this and realise we are not just numbers and leave messages like this. 


Hi lizzy,

how did your lletz go? Get any more info with results 

frankue x

Hey Frankie, I finally received all my letters at the same time ( the coloscopist was really angry with the receptionist - she was a week late sending my results letter & I found out Id been booked in for an earlier appointment but it was changed because of their mistake...)! CIN2/3 as suspected & I'm now waiting for the results of my LLETZ. The LLETZ itself was much better than I thought it'd be but I'm really  struggling now... bleeding has just started and I'm really bloated & fidgety but no real pain which is good. Thank you for being so lovely, it means a hell of a lot! x