Awaiting results from lttez

Hi I am so scared I am 27years old and have cin 2 moderate abnormalites I went for my biosopy and then was called back for further treatment which was lttez/loop I am now awaiting results from this can anyone offer help am at my wits end I also have hpv 

Hi Holly, it does take a while to hear back from lletz. I didnt even know what grade i was before until 4 weeks after LLETZ. The Results letter is likely to say its confirmed CIN2 they have got it all and return for follow up smear in 6 months so please do not worry. :) x

Hello I am waiting on results from Lletz, my letter from the  hospital just said high grade changes (moderate) what does that mean ?how do you know if you have CIN do you have it before the procedure then they take that away?  What exactly are the results about ?  I had Lletz last week but had no explanation from the doc, I thought I was now waiting for results to tell me if the bit they took is cancerous or not?  Is this confusing or is it me being thick LOL anyone who knows the answers would be a great help.  thanks

Hi Jenny, i wasnt given my CIN until after LLETZ around 4 weeks after. all i knew was i had severe dyskarosis. So my letter after lletz was just to confirm which grade i was and that they would see me in 6 months time. Hope this helps. Sounds like you will have CIN2/3 and they will see you in 6 months x

ok thanks Abbielouise that sounds more hopeful than I was originally thinking. x


youre welcome its easy to think the worst but the letter wasnt even worth worrying about if they call you then may feekl nervous about what they want but the letter isnt usually of much info! x