Awaiting results, confused by letter??

Hi ladies,
I have recently undergone Lletz treatment following an abnormal smear for high grade dyskaryosis.
Today I’ve received a letter from the consultant which has been copied into my gp. It’s not my results, more just a communication with my gp as to what has happened so far. In the letter she has put that “the acetowhite changes were not consistent with high grade lesion”
Anybody have any idea what this means?? I’m so confused? Could it mean I’ve got something completely different going on or that I may get down graded from high to moderate maybe?? I don’t know how to take this letter, good news or not?? Thank you for listening to me go on!!

Hi there I would ring your GP or the clinic. There is no way to tell what that means. However it doesn't sound sinister to me at all. Xx

Thank you, I'm thinking maybe a down grade! These cells must have been there cos I had the Lletz and a biopsy!