Awaiting results after LLETZ

Hi All,

I've been reading posts on here since I found out I had High Grade CGIN a couple months back and I just want to say that I've felt really reassured by many of the posts.

I'm 25 and I had LLETZ a week and a half ago under GA and have been finding it all a bit difficult. I got an infection and on top of that have had constant bleeding since two days after treatment. Like many of the ladies on here I am awaiting results and finding that even worse than the wait for treatment itself.

I have a lovely boyfriend and family who have been very supportive but I find it hard to talk to them sometimes. The majority of them have said "oh well at least they got it now/it's vey common/one treatment and it'll all be sorted" and I feel I should not be as worried/low as after all it's unlikely it's cc and so that's already a reason to be positive...but it feels like this is something that will always be in the back of mind, what if they don't get it all, what if they do but it comes back?

I guess I am just rambling...trying to stay positive but it's hard when I am tired from the bleeding and infection and waiting.

Anyway, thanks again ladies for all your positive and uplifting posts. It's good to know we're not alone in this.


Cat xx Laughing

Hi Cat,

I know exactly how your feeling right now, i also can relate to the family thing, everybody says you will be fine they got the cells no need to worry etc, but my mother in law is a nightmare keeps telling me i will definetly have a hysterectomy and panicking me all the time.

I had my first smear before christmas and within 5 days got a letter saying it was severe. I had a colposcopy and LLETZ last Wednesday and the biopsys too, I was told I would get a letter confirming that they saw the cells and the LLETZ would have been effective, fast forward to yesterday and the hospital rang to say I have to go in Tuesday to see a consultant, and of corse they won't give me any details over the phone, I got a letter confirmingy appointment and this has worried me even more as it says an a early abnormality has been found, it's driving me nuts all this waiting I just want to know.

Here's hoping we both are put at ease soon.

Becks x

Apologies for the spelling mistakes.... I've been up all night googling! (Not a good idea!)

Another Cat!

All I can say is I know exactly how you feel, as I was in a similar situation at the end of last year and the worrying drives you CRAZY! No matter how understanding my bf and family were, if I heard its common and it will be fine one more time.......

Good luck with everything, at least its been caught and you are getting treated

Chin up


Cat x

I'm waiting for results after lletz too, and filling all this time with worry and stress about the worst case scenario! I appreciate that friends and family are only trying to be positive and reassuring when saying it'll be fine/you won't have anything serious/it's easily sorted these days, but I find that hard to deal with, almost as though theyre trivialising what it is possible any of us could be facing. I find coming on here the best outlet for those worries; we can all relate to each other's situation! Hope it all goes well for you xx

I had lletz on the 9th and I rang true hospital on Friday they said lletz confirmed CIN3 no cancer but margins couldn't be assessed. 

I have started bleeding on weds so that's now worrying me and taking the joy out of the results. 

I know EXACTLY how scary it is and what it's like sitting on google all night. It's suh a stressful time and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Here's to hoping its god news all round wishing u all the best xxxx

qlways here if anyone wants to pmme xxx

Hi Ladies,


Well I just called the hospital and they said that they were going to contact the pathologist because the results came back as the area removed being normal?!?! How is that even possible when Colposcopy confirmed High grade CGIN? I am more confused than eve now.

Sarahc85, glad to hear it's not cc and hope you're the bleeding has eased. Becks, hope the results were ok and they removed everything!

Thanks for the support ladies xx