Awaiting referral on 2 week pathway


I’m 50 with a history of CIN 3 and I am HPV negative as confirmed by smear test just last month.
I am on HRT (patches) and have not had a period for some 25 years due to long term contraceptive use. So I have no clue where my cycle is, if any.

I went yesterday to see GP for post sex bleeding. Totally not normal for me. Last time I had this was 2013 when I had same and was diagnosed with CIN3 after a smear.

I guess I’m concerned that I may have a recurrence of CIN. But now that smear tests no longer test the cells, just the presence of HPV, I wonder how many ladies slip through the net.

GP had a look at cervix and it’s noted on the 2 week referral that an abnormal mass was observed but difficult to see what it was due to the blood present.

So I’m now playing the waiting game of further testing. I’ve had a blood test this morning to check for tumour markers.

I’m trying hard to stay positive and hope that it’s either a thickened womb lining due to HRT, or another dose of CIN which I had successfully treated before.

If it CIN I admit I will feel pretty pissed off that it was missed on my smear last month. When ladies have a history of it surely it makes sense to test the cells? I was HPV negative with CIN the last time so it’s not like it’s impossible to have without HPV.

Sending positive thoughts to all the ladies out there awaiting their results.

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