Awaiting referral and worried

Hi there

I'm new to this and so would appreciate any feedback. I've just turned 24 and about 2 months ago I started to have post coital bleeding and in about the past 4 weeks on and off experienced pelvic pain and pain in my groin. I have had this pain before but not as bad and always related it to my IBS. I went to the doctors 2 weeks ago and got an urgent referral for a colposcopy. I'm still waiting for my referral letter and it's getting me even more anxious. I rang the referral unit yesterday to see f they could shed any light on when I would be seen, to which they initially replied 6 weeks. When I said my symptoms felt like they were getting worse they said it would be 4 weeks as I've had an urgent referral. 

im really worried and anxious thinking of the worst case scenario andd feel like waiting another 4 weeks to even be contacted is ridiculous for an urgent referral. what's the normal time I should be waiting to hear from them? 





Hi there, I'm in the same situation as you, it's such a worry isn't it. Although I only saw my gp on Monday. I work in a gp surgery and urgent referrals should be seen within 2 weeks (ideally) so you have been waiting too long. I didn't ask the dr how long I'd be waiting (nerves got the better of me and didn't want to hear if it was classed as urgent or not) but I rang my surgery yesterday to ask what type of referral it was and they confirmed its a 2 week wait :( Why don't you give your surgery a call and explain that you've been told you've got to wait 4 weeks? If you google nhs urgent referrals it states that they should be seen within 2 weeks so you have a right to start stamping your feet. Good luck and let us know how you get on x

Hi there. It's also worth ringing regularly to see if they can fit you in on a cancellation. I was seen over a week early due to my persistence! They were absolutely fine about it as well. 

I will do, thanks for the advice! X

Good idea. I'll give it a go on my lunch. Thanks x