Awaiting Lletz Results

Hi everyone,

I have been reading so many stories and posts on this site for the last few months, as my own story has begun to unfold. You ladies are all so brave and amazing I feel like mess in comparison!

I felt the need to write today as I am awaiting my results and after all the confusion regarding this so far I’m feeling very nervous, too nervous to call and chase them even… almost like I don’t want to know. But of course I do.

It started for me in September when I went for my smear – it was overdue, but I needed it done in order to be referred to a fertility specialist (that won’t happen until the below is resolved). So…

Early September – Smear test revealed high grade dyskaryosis
Late September - Attended colposcopy where I was advised ‘’it didn’t look like I would need a lletz treatment’’. Punch Biopsies taken
November - Biopsy results: high grade abnormalities (ungraded CIN)
November - Attended colposcopy clinic for lletz treatment where I was told the abnormal cells were widely spread and very close to the edge of the cervix therefore I would need to have the lletz under GA
Early Jan - Lletz procedure under GA
Mid Jan - A&E visit due to extreme bleeding – silver nitrate applied
Late Jan - Hospital admission due to extreme bleeding – wound packed overnight
Now - Awaiting results

Has anyone out there had a similar experience? Whats most worrying is the fact that on m first colposcopy the doctor said there didn’t appear to be any abnormal cells to remove so I wouldn’t need the treatment yet by the second one the cells were so widely spread I needed in done under a general?? This makes no sense to me and has left me feeling really anxious about the competence of the people doing these procedures?

The other thing concerning me is exactly what does ungraded CIN mean? I did a lot of googling at the time I got the letter but never really got to the bottom of it!

Now its been almost five weeks since my lletz and no results but I’m too scared to call the hospital to chase.

Any advice much appreciated

Hi Molly

I'm not in exactly the same situation as you but I also had high grade dyskaryosis in December, went for colposcopy and he said he couldn't see anything but would do two biopsies anyway. He saw a tiny area of inflammation but said nothing to worry about.

So fast forward to 6 weeks later and still no news on the biopsy results! I phoned yesterday and the receptionist said she could not tell me results but they were on way out to me. I managed to get out of her that I am booked in for cold coagulation treatment in a few weeks. No idea what for at the moment! I am also confused as to why he said he couldn't see anything at colposcopy? 

You really sound like you've had a time with it all - I hope you recover and feel better soon :)


Charlene xx