Awaiting Lletz results and still in pain

Hi everyone :two_hearts:thinking of us all I rang today secretary said the results were on consultants desk to read tomorrow but then said he wants to review me in six weeks I don’t know if that’s good or bad​:crossed_fingers:

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I literally stood in my bedroom window , stalking the post lady , and swore when she walked past my house this morning, think I’m gonna be doing this all week :woman_facepalming:

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Hopefully all is ok xx


I am so so sorry for disappearing my head has been all over the place with this and then some other health issues I’ve been back and forth to the drs/hospital with! My infection finally cleared but now I’ve heard they have to do the lletz again as the cells were found to be precancerous and they didn’t get them all. I have decided I want a hysterectomy instead as can’t bear the pain of a lletz again and then potentially still having cells come back and having to have a hysterectomy anyway. I’m 40 and don’t want more children so it seems logical but I dunno if they will agree.

Hope everyone is OK and again I’m so sorry for not being back sooner

Hello Jennyhelen I am in a very similar position to you 1 Lletz didn’t work now waiting for Coloscopy appointment in August to check and decide next steps but like you I don’t think I want a 2 Lletz I am 42 with 2 kids don’t want anymore, just want to get a long-term solution for this nightmare and carry on with my life and it looks like Hysterectomy is more of a final solution than 2 Lletz and constant monitoring. Let me know how you get on. Good luck

They wouldn’t agree to me having a hysterectomy so had my second lletz today. How are you doing?

Hello Jennyhelen. Hope you are feeling ok after your second LLETZ was it better than the first one? I have my appointment on the 12th of August to see what to do next and take punch byopsy but I spoke to a gynecologist about my case and he said that if it was up to him he will put me forward for hysterectomy and for me to bring it up in my next appointment and see what happens .he mentioned that because my results show that there is affected cells inside the cervix not just outside but that my doctor used a laser around the area after the LLETZ and sometimes that kills the bad cells that is probably why they want to do punch byopsy again to see if it worked. But for me if is bad I will push for hysterectomy. Recover well hopefully this is it for you take care :slightly_smiling_face: