Awaiting Lletz results and still in pain

Not pain but more discharge and general yuckiness.
I suppose these things take time. I’m not a patient person

I’m glad you gave them a call, better to be safe then sorry.

I hope the pain eases off soon! xxxx

Thanks ladies, The pain has got worse and now I have had slimy yellow/green discharge that smells so got GP this morning to see if they will give me antibiotics as I am presuming this is sign of infection! Hopefully that is the cause of the pain getting worse and some antibiotics will help with that too as the infection goes.

How is everyone else doing?

Hi Jen

How did the dr appointment go?


I have antibiotics now for infection, due to allergies though there isn’t really much they can suggest else for the pain but hopeful that the antibiotics killing the infection also helps the pain! The dr also was able to tell me more about the original smear results and said they showed a lot of CIN3 so that would also explain the pain as they would have had to take a lot of cervix away apparently! I am really not sure what to make of that as obviously still waiting for results.

How are you getting on?

They also did a swap of infected area which was painful as a trainee dr had to do it and she was a bit clueless and of course up there is all sensitive and sore anyway!

Oh I’m so glad they put you on antibiotics… the infection was causing the pain for me, and since its cleared there has been little to none, so hopefully you will be the same.

We are a university hospital (Milton Keynes) so student nurses and Dr’s are a very common thing, I do wish they would give you the choice sometimes! In almost all situations I would be fine with it, but if you are already experiencing a lot of pain you should have the option of a more experienced Dr.

I’m also still awaiting results, I can’t quite believe its only been 2 weeks (yesterday) it feels like months ago! Feeling fine, still minor bleeding but nothing over the top… I am still getting a lot of bleeding when I over do it (and i don’t mean full runs or anything, but 30 minutes walking) I had hoped that would be over by now and that I could perhaps venture to the gym or something…

Keeping everything crossed that our results come through soon xxx

We have a teaching drs practice with trainees and fully qualified drs and this dr was googling what to give me so I insisted on a different fully trained dr!! Before that though the trainee did the swab but said she had to have her chaperone there with her and went to get them while I undressed, she didn’t say it was a male, he came in and I was like oh! I had a male dr do the LLETZ so wasn’t too fussed but it would have been nice to be asked or even told before he walked in to me legs akimbo half naked!!

OMG thats awful!

I had a male do the Colposcopy and LLETZ… but at my Dr surgery its a bit different isn’t it. I’m not sure I would be comfortable, definitely not if I wasn’t pre-warned! It would be nice to have been advised of this! Must’ve been quite the shock lol, possibly for him too!

Ha ha he seemed a bit unsure where to stand and said sorry he has to stay there until I am fully dressed again!! I’m the same, I wouldn’t have minded if I had been asked or told, it was more the not knowing and suddenly him appearing! That drs have provided a chaperone before for a breast exam but it was a lady from reception so I kind of presumed the same!

Hey Jen

How are you doing? has the infection cleared up? Any results yet? 3 weeks tomorrow… feels like an eternity!

Em xx

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I think I’ve got a urinary infection:(

Hi everyone first post nervously waiting for Lletz results from 31st May :crossed_fingers:for us all xxx

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@Rebecca1965 Oh no! they are the worst!!!
Sending hugs xxx


@Fingerscrossed :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


Got antibiotics and already feel better
Going to be very strict, no yoga, no baths etc
Just for the last 2 weeks until week 6

Yes xxxx
Mine was 24th May

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Hi guys my lletz was 25th may , this waiting is unbearable isn’t it :tired_face:


No letter from mine either
Nervously checking post

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I called up the clinic this afternoon and they said my results have come in , she can’t tell me anything over the phone but I will get a letter by the end of the week :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: the waiting will finally be over , hopefully you guys hear yours soon xx