awaiting colposcopy

Hi guys I’m new to this site just looking for some advice I’m 24 turning 25 in July 2016 and have just had my first smear. It came back abnormal with high grade dyskaryosis due to go for colposcopy 29th March where it says I will need treatment I’m very worried and looking for anyone who has had something similar? Thank you x

Hi, I'm the same went for my first smear and came back high grade got a letter on Friday confirming my appointment for Thursday at 11 I'm terrified and don't no what to do.  I can feel a lump on my cervix too so fearing the worst hope all goes well for you.  And it's Good to know we aren't alone. 

Hi ladies,

im 26 and have been diagnosed with cervical cancer, had my first lot of surgery last Friday which will then ditermine whether or not I'll need more surgery. Don't be worried or scared your not alone. If you guys have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, I'd be happy to help and try and ease any worrys you may have.

i hope everything goes alright for you, good luck.

Karina x 

Hi karina.

Thank you. I'm sorry to hear your news. How did you get diagnosed?  Can they have a good idea at colposcopy? I can't take the waiting. I have a 2 year old daughter and can't bare the thought of what this could be. I have the marina coil in and bleed irregular but I just put it down to the coil went for my routine smear and then got the news Thursday I have highost grace cells letter came on Friday morning for my appointment for Thursday xxx

High grade dyskaryosis **

Hi Katie, 

sorry just seen you've messaged back, I really hope your appointment went well on Thursday. the waiting doesn't make it easy! 2 weeks ago I have a cold knife cone biopsy to see how far the cancer has spread, I'm now in limbo myself waiting for my results appointment on Tuesday. Its scary not knowing but stay strong and always here if you need to talk to someone that's not family or friends.

x x x