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Hi in 2004 when I was 20 I had surgery to remove precancerous calls that were picked up in a routine smear. They said they removed a 50p piece size from my cervix. Since then I have had 3 miscarriages and 2 children who are now 9 and 5.
6 weeks ago I had to be hospitalised for a missed miscarriage and I took the tablets and had some tablets inserted to bring the miscarriage on. I ended up having to stay in hospital overnight as I have a blood disorder where my blood takes longer to clot and I lost a lot of blood. On the sat they let me home and said I had passed everything however on the Monday I had a lot of pain and passed a big piece of something. I have since been back and had an internal svan and was told everything looked fine.
However my first period last week didn't seem right it kept stopping and starting and I have had quite a lot of clear sticky discharge plus pain in my abdomen and back so I went back to the Dr's.
She did an internal and straight away told me that my cervix was red and inflamed and was referring me under the 2 week rule. However nothing else was said to me.
I'm now panicking like mad and don't know what to think.
Just before Xmas I had a ct scan as I was having frequent uti s the scan showed I had a kidney stones and also a cyst on my ovary. So I was then asked to go for a u/s scan on my ovary but by the time I went the cyst had gone. I also had the c125 blood test.
My question is if I have had cancer of the cervix would they not of picked it up on the ct scan? I'm so sorry for rabbiting but im so scared.