Awaiting Colposcopy - Terrified :' (

Hi all.

I’ve just signed up after reading through some of these posts and how positive you all sound. I am trying to be positive and not to worry but it’s starting to really get to me!

3 years ago I had a smear that came back with ‘borderline changes’. I went for a colposcopy then and was advised to ‘go back to your routine smears’ which to me would mean every 3 years! I received a letter in January this year stating my smear was overdue and to book an appointment which I did and when i arrived at my appointment the nurse told me I should have been back after 1 year with the previous changes. Of course this got me panicking as I hadn’t had a recall letter or anything!

Last week I got my smear results - High Grade Dyskariosis so now i’m even more terrified. I cry every day! I know this is going to be bad news :frowning:

I just wanted to know what everyone’s symptoms were?
I don’t have any pain or bleeding after sex - I do spot but rarely and i’m on cerazette so this is quite normal for me every since i’ve been taking it.

I have been having difficulty with my breathing for the last 4 months or so, and severe leg and joint pain with some pain in my groin area (a little like i’ve stretched a muscle there). I’ve been peeing every half hour since the beginning of February. Had multiple blood tests - CA125, full blood count, diabetes, arthritis, inflammation and all have come back clear and no urine infection to justify the peeing every half hour but microscopic blood in urine.

I don’t know if any of this is relevant to cervical cancer at all but these have been ongoing investigations for months and now i’ve convinced myself it’s all related!

Any more info on ANYTHING would be hugely appreciated.

Thank you all xxx

Hiya. Don't panic I got myself totally down constantly crying and shaking through worries I was feeling depressed but honestly it's all ok you'll blame everything on this but and you'll never no until late your results are in but most likely to be just abnormal cells I'm still waiting in my results from punch biopsy but I also had high grade dyskaryosis cin 3 they confimed today but hopefully will all able to be removed. It's easier said than done but really the colposcopy isn't as bad as you think. Hope all goes well butomorrow ring the hospital and ask for an earlier appointment I did and got it over with sooner xxxxxxxx


Thanks for replying Katie! Fingers crossed everything is fine with your results! 

I just called and tried to being my appointment forward but they have nothing at all - so annoyed that I didn't try ringing yesterday as they had appointments today but too short notice to get me in! :'(

Just the more I read the more my symptoms point to advanced CC! Just so scared. I find I can talk to nobody either as they just give it the usual 'Don't worry you'll be ok' but I really don't feel like I will be. Thank you for the words of encouragement though hun xxxxx

I always had irregular discharge and bleeding I just put everything down to cc when I got my smear results but I think it's just your mind working over time and no matter what anyone says you'll not feel settleso until late your know for sure.  But try not to get too worked up I've made myself I'll with worrie and it does you no good. I hate when people keep saying everything will be OK when you don't no but the chances are it will be. 


Stay strong xxxx

I have been bleeding irregularly since 14th may 2015 I persevered through fear but finally seeked professional help in February. I had a smear and swabs which were normal apart from high risk hpv..had a colposcopy yesterday and cell changes were found leading to two punch biopsy..I also had an ultrasound in February which showed "bulking of the cervix" im baffled as to why the smear was normal yet cell changes found yesterday..has anyone had a similar experience? My last smear was 2008 and I had a loop done..I never went back until this February 2016. Thankyou in advance for any advice..

Try not to worrie they told me at my colposcopy that cancer in the cervix takes 10-15 years to develop I no its hard but it's unlikely that it is cancer xxxxx