Awaiting Colposcopy, +HPV 18 & HSIL

Hi everyone,

This is my first time posting. Just after I turned 25 I moved to Australia (Oct 2015) I started my nursing degree and time got away from me. I finally booked myself in for my first Pap smear last July (2018). I received my results 4 days later, positive for HPV 18 and HSIL. I was told because they didn’t know how long I’d had the above, being my first Pap smear, that I would be seen within 4 weeks. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, and with my student visa ending after graduation I needed to return to England. 7 months post the Pap smear I’m finally settled and so today I saw my new GP. With the results from Australia plus the time that’s passed she instantly placed me on the cancer pathway and I’ll be seen within 2 weeks for a colposcopy, biopsy had other tests. So really, all I’m asking is if anyone has a similar experience to me, and how it turned out for them? 


Thnks :)