Awaiting colcoscopy

Hi i have been under colcoscopy last 3 years 

First result was hpv low grade dyskaryosis (biopsy was taken no pre cancer cells found). Secoumd time i wqs pregnant with my dd2 and results from smear was same as above. Dr said it would probably go back to normal and id be discharged this year.

I went to colcoscopy 6 weeks ago for my smear and i have high risk hpv and high grade dyskaryosis with moderate cell changes. I got a letter saying im for lletz treatment. 

Im worried will the hpv go away its the 3rd year consecutively ive tested positive for it as any one else not managed to clear it most online places say it ahould go within 2 years.

Do they do the lletz to prevent cancerous cells or is there a chance they may already be cancerous. 

Any help or anyone in similar situation carnt switch of minds in overtime. 

Hi! Sorry to hear you are feeling worried. I havent had biopsies or treatment, but I just had my 3rd colposcopy (I have HPV) and I'm waiting for my smear results to see if I still have it. I'm also worried the same as year about the 2 year thing. X