Awaiting Colcoscopy Results & swollen Lymph node in neck advice please xxxx

Hi girlies, I’ve had my colcoscopy within 5 days of GP letter, on the day I got the loop procedure and the consultant said pre cancerous cells & done a biopsy of my womb also as abnormal bleeding. He said results within 4 weeks & if sinister they will look after me. I saw my nurse by chance yesterday and she asked how I was….I said not feeling great as a swollen gland on my neck. She Tok me straight to the treatment room & was concerned…today seen gp urgently bloods done & getting referred for an ultrasound on my swollen lymph node. Has anyone experienced this? I can’t believe how calm I’m being as already had 2 lumpectomies thankfully benign xxx

Hi Suzy, I’m actually post RH hysterectomy for CC, and have swollen lymph nodes in my neck. I’m under ENT and oral health at the moment too but have been taken off the 2 week wait, so hoping that’s a good sign. I would like to say that the enlarged lymph nodes in my neck are not linked to my CC, my surgery gave clear margins and no lymph node involvement.

My immune system must have been pretty low for a while and I’ve been told they’re likely permanently enlarged after a previous bout of viral illnesses. Hopefully it’s nothing, but it’s good that your nurse and GP are taking it seriously and getting you checked out xx


Thank you so much for replying. How are you feeling now? Sorry to hear you had CC but good news all clear. Did they tell you at the colcoscopy that you had CC? The consultant told me precancerous but the biopsies will determine if anything sinister. That’s 3 weeks I’ve waited for results so hopefully hear something soon. My bloods came back today & the GP wants to chat about them not an urgent call so must be a good sign xxx

I’m doing well, have my first check up in just over a week.

They didn’t tell me at colposcopy, although I do wonder if that was a kindness given it was 3 days before Christmas. My smear only showed CIN2 changes and they confirmed a small amount of cells at colposcopy and performed lletz at the time. I did get a feeling something was off at the time, hushed voices and a look I picked up on.

Hopefully you’ll hear soon xx