Awaiting biopsy

Hiya all,


Well to say I'm nervous is a bit of an understatement.  I've googled - totally wrong thing to do - everything that can possibly be written about CC in both the UK and the states.

I have always had gynae issues.  Random bleeding, unusual periods, pain, tenderness.  I went for a laparoscopy 7 years ago and they failed to notice the huge cysts on my ovaries until they done an internal scan 3 months later.  I was diagnosed with PCOS after scans when I was 14.

I went for regular smears since I was 18 since I was sexuaally active far too young.  Doctor sent me for them as a precautionary measure because of all my gynae issues as well.  They've all been normal.  Until last year.  Last April I went to the docs because I kept bleeding after sex, this went on for months before I went to see him, cause I thought it was related to gynae issues.  I'm on the injection and don't get periods so any bleeding for me is a bit of a concern.  I went for a smear, about 6 months earlieer than when I was due, which came back with dyskariosis, 2 weeks before I was due to leave the country for the summer of my life, obviously thinking it wasn't serious (and I hadn't googled it then) I trotted off to Greece and told my doctor don't refer me I won't be here I'll see you in 6 months and come back for another smear.  I came back in the October and it slipped my mind to go and because my address had changed I missed the reminder. They contacted my mother in January and advised I needed another smear, so in feb I came back for another one (this year), I stay in spain most of the year now, but there was no appointments so was going to leave it again for another couple of months but my doctor called me and told me that there's no way I should leave the country without getting me another test so was sent to local hospital to get it done so I could catch me plane the following day.

Within a week I got a letter referring me to gynae for a biopsy.  Not a colposcopy straight to biopsy, I think it's the punch one.  I called them up asking what my results were and they said abnormal and I had to attend my apppointment, the appointment letter was sent out the next week for April but I couldn't make it so I tried to call but no answer each time I called the ward and then they put me down as did not attend so my doc was notified and he called my mother and they rescheduled for 8th may but I couldn't make that one either so now it's the 16th of May.  That's my appointment day for my biopsy.

When I did speak to the nurse in the unit she said I wouldn't be having a colposcopy just going straight in for the biopsy, but if you ask me, everything I've read says colposcopy first!  Always, that's how they see the abnormal cells.  Why amen't I having this done?

I'm terrified.  I hate hospitals, I hate smears, I have a sensitive cervix and the thought of them punching holes out of mine like it was a piece of A4 paper getting ready to be filed away makes me cry just at the thought of it.  I can't talk to anyone cause I'm not close to my family, my partner doesn't understand of course, despite him trying, it's not something I'd talk to my friends about.  I feel a bit lost really. And as the day is getting closer and closer I'm getting more and more worried.

I've noticed a growth on my cervix also in the past coupe of months, and I've now been bleeding for about 6 weeks straight.  I always bled here and there, and always after sex but now it's constant, some days its awfully heavy some days it's no more than spotting, some it's as black as the ace of spades with clots, and other days it's like a fresh wound bleeding.  I'm getting more period like pains all the time now too.

There's my life story!  Everyone seems dead helpful, and I hope someone can shed light on why I get to miss the colposcopy..  I am in Scotland but none of the websites seem to suggest any difference in treatments or diagnosis procedures depending on country.


Hi there,

It seems a bit strange for them to say biopsy but no colposcopy…as to see your cervix in detail they need to use the colposcope. Perhaps they mean they want a biopsy first then will assess the sample before deciding on a treatment for you (if needed)?

I had a colposcopy exam during which they took 3 biopsies and my results were back in 7 days. My advice is take some strong painkillers about an hour before your appointment and don’t plan anything else for that day. I bled heavily 3 days after mine, but the colposcopist said she did take massive biopsies which would have formed clots.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.


Thanks for your reply Jo.  7 days gosh that's quick.  Is that unusual?  I've heard it can take up to 4 weeks. 

I called the unit this morning and asked for someone to call me back who could explain why I wasn't getting the colposcopy and a bit more about my results.  When I was having my smear done slightly touching my cervix made it bleed and the nurse could see issues with it so I knew the results second time round were going to be abnormal and although wasn't surprised to get referred, was surprised it came in a week.


Hi there,

Yeah I was rushed through as the colposcopist said she was worried by what she saw. Worst 7 days ever.

The quickest they can get a result back (in my NHS trust) is 7 days as the tests take a while, but my colposcopist basically said she was concerned with what she saw so I knew it would be bad news.

So waiting any longer for results is usually a better sign! I had the colposcopy and biopsies 2 weeks after my abnormal smear.

I was unlucky though, most ladies who have the exam and treatment are fine so try no to read anything more in to bring sent for a biopsy (impossible I know at times!).

Take care xx

Hey, sorry for short message-moved with no Internet.

Ask your GP for a dose of diazepam (Valium) for the procedure as you are so anxious. I did before my colp and lleutz and it really helped me out a lot!

hope it goes well x