Awaiting Biopsy Results

Hi. I'm 27 and had my 2nd Smear in May 15 where the nurse mentioned cervical erosion and that my cervix looked red. Had my results 2 weeks later saying that they had found abnormalities. Went for my colposcopy in June 2015 and the doctor found mod/severe abnormalities so took 3 biopsies. It has been exactly a week since my appointment and on the outside I'm cool and calm, but on the inside I'm so worried. The doctor also said that they wouldn't be able to perform treatment via local anesthetic due to the shape of my cervix. So it would have to be general anaesthetic. I'm so nervous. 

Hi Emma

I think the doctors are usually pretty good at judging CIN levels based on a visual inspection - mine got it exactly right, estimating CIN 2 which was exactly what the biopsies came back with. So it's quite likely that his/her estimate will tally quite well with the biopsy results.

I know it's hard, but try to keep calm, as you've got a bit of a wait ahead of you for those results. My consultant said 4 weeks and it was exactly 4 weeks.

There are things to be said for local and general anaesthetic, and I was given the choice of which I wanted to have. You might want to read my post from last friday entitled something like 'Given a choice between local and GA' as quite of few of the lovely ladies on here have shared their experiences of one or the other, and in one case both, options. They might put your mind at rest a bit if you are worried about the general.

Good luck :-)