Awaiting biopsy results

Hi all, 

I had a colposcopy on the 24 th of July, I didnt really have much pain or bleeding afterwards . But about 12 days later I started to bleed and it hasnt stopped since. Does anyone know if this is normal? It is not heavy. I have a 4-6 week wait for the biopsy results. Nearly at the 3 week mark. Its so very long. I find talking to family and friends about it makes me more worried, its like I end up trying to reassure them that I won’t have cancer.  Anyway I feel so stupid as this was my first smear , aged 35 with 3 children. Feeling hopeful.

Hi I’m in a similar situation and the same age although this wasn’t my first smear I’ve had a few abnormal ones .I had my colposcopy done on the 26th July I understand what your saying with family it’s hard trying to talk to them and reassure them it’s nothing to worry about when inside your worried sick , reading some posts on here everyone seems to be different with regards to the bleeding some have very little and others bleed quite a bit. If you don’t mind me asking what were your smear results (why did the do a colposcopy). Hope this group helps you there are some amazing ladies on here with great advice.



Thank you Paula. 

It really is a great forum, its so helpful reading all the advice here. 

I am not too sure what my actual smear results were. The words  abnormal and dyskaryosis were mentioned , the rest of the phone call I was in shock and didnt take it in. 

I hope you get great results from your colposcopy soon xxx