Awaiting Biopsy! Driving me mad

How did everyone cope waiting for biopsy results? I had a call last Wed to go in for colposcopy on the Fri due to high grade cell changes, had lletz and biopsies taken, they said 4-8 weeks for results, the wait is already driving me mad. If it is cancer will I be told sooner?
I have also had some bowel issues and have had fecal calprotectin which has come back abnormal and suspicious for inflammation and IBD, could cervical issues affect the bowels like this? Not sure if anyone is in my shoes with the issues but feel like I have no idea what is going on with my body at the moment :persevere:

Hi, i totally get you i feel exactly the same, so many issues all at once!!

It took 6 weeks for my LLETZ and biopsy results to come through, i got them last Monday!!

From what ive read on here and what my consultant’s secretary told me, if they do find cancer you do seem to hear quicker!!

My letter was very vague, i dont know what grade my cells were, it just said precancer cells were removed and ive already got an appointment for 9/10/24 for a smear at the hospital, but they also found precancer cells in the biopsies taken from my vulva so i have to see my gynae/oncologist on 24 May.

I was a total mess for the first 3 to 4 weeks after my LLETZ as everything happened so quick and I’d convinced myself i had cancer everywhere!! Ive not had the news that i wanted but at least its NOT cancer, so really regret getting myself into such a state xx

I have had 3 smears with high hpv but no cell change. I had a routinely colposcopy and the lady said looks like i have cin3 cells. She took 4 biopsies. Ive been a mess and its only been 2.5 week’s. My last smear was end of feb. Then had this colposcopy like 4 weeks later. How can i go from no cell change to possible CIN3. Im driving myself insane with anxiety and worry as i just have this feeling its not great news. But i am trying to stay positive.
I hope you results come asap. :pray:t3: xx

Thank you both for your replies and for sharing your experiences. It is awful having to wait so long. I have also been referred to gastro for a colonoscopy now due to abnormally high inflammation levels in my bowels so it’s one thing after another.

That is the same as me HPV on last 3 annual smears, 1st low grade changes, 2nd HPV no changes and now this time HPV and severe changes, I am constantly checking my NHS app to see if anything has come through like a crazy person.
I hope everything is okay, you’ll have to keep me posted on your results.

My NHS app is rubbish and never gets updated, but i have a doctors app, so when they get a copy i can see it on there so i am constantly checking on there. Ive been waiting 19days now and im just a mess tbh. Everytime my phone rings i freak until I see who it is! Its not nice to feel this way but just cant help it, so i totally get why you keep checking. I hope you are ok and you get your results asap xx

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