Awaiting biopsy and smear results

Hi all

I am probably worrying about nothing but I am very worried.
A few moths ago I was referred to Colposcopy as I have been having bleeding between period and also pain after sex and generally.

My GP said she was referring me because of Ectropic cells on my cervix and it was red and inflamed.

3 weeks ago I had my colposcopy appointment. They looked and my cervix and were surprised to see that it had a large growth in front of it blocking the entrance. They were unclear what it was but managed to remove it. Mention was made of a fluid filled cyst or polyp.
I saw it on the screen and it was pretty big, I was horrified at having a procedure that I was not expecting.

Every since I have been dreading the results and imaging all sorts.

I don’t know why I am posting really as you cannot tell me the results!