Awaiting appointment

I had my last smear 2.5 years ago. I am menopausal, haven’t had period in 18 months. About 8 weeks ago, I started with an unusual vaginal discharge and have since developed lower abdominal and back pain. Visited GP 2 weeks ago, who checked my cervix and noticed an ‘angry’ patch. I have awful bloating, particularly at night, which is keeping me awake and a constant headache. I do not have any bleeding or weight loss. I have a Gynae appoinment on Friday - what can I expect? I am so scared.

Hi Emma, how did you get on? I have headaches these days and have had to cut out foods that now cause bloating, but I put it down to peri/menopause. I’m 49. I’m waiting on colposcopy so I can’t share anything about that yet. I hope you get results soon

Hi Emma
I am experiencing similar,how did you get on?

Saw the Gynaecologist as planned. Had a biopsy and now waiting on results, 4 to 6 week wait. Dr seemed quite optimistic and did a physical examination of my ovaries and said everything feels ok, so that was reassuring. Still suffering with bloating, lower abdominal and stomach pain and headaches, which seem to be getting worse, but I wonder if its anxiety related. All the best with the colposcopy, be sure to let me know how you get on x

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