Average waiting time for results??..

Hi there every one. 

I have just joined the form even though I have had the odd read over the past few weeks...  I had my first smear test ( aged 26 ) in october recieved a letter day's later saying I hadhigh grade dyskarosis and that I had been referred for a Colopscopy ( which I had this afternoon )

however the nurse doing it didn't really help much at putting my mind at ease.. firstly telling me not to cry as I have had 3 children this should be easy ( to be honest I'd rather give birth every year than go through what I did today even though it was just uncomfortable not painfull.. it's the worry that makes it worse.) She told me

I can't be as tense when i have to come back for treatment..And that I will recieve my biopsy results in 6-8 week's. I was asked if I wanted to look at the screen during the procedure I said no but took a glance anyway( wish i had not!! ).. all I could see was a big load of white with odd bits of red around.. 

She did say she could clearly see I had HPV.. and she took 5 snips for the biopsy? She said when she recieves the biopsy results she will write to me and let me know what treatment I will be going in for ( booked for 21st jan 9 weeks time 2 days before my daughters 6th birthday :-(   )

Whilst I was getting changed and trying to prepare my questions she disopeered and left me with the two nurses who were in there during the procedure & the student )  .. I wasn't sure what to ask first so just asked how long bleeding would last and then quickly left...   I am kicking my self now..  I wanted to ask why was there lots of white abnormal cells...  what are the chances of it being progressed and why she didn't really tell me much about what she saw? barring it was HPV.. 

I now have to go all way up to and over Christmas and most likely new year.. before I hear anything. ( she told me i would usually hear with in 5 weeks but pathology have time off over christmas ) I tried to think oh I will just come home and forget about it all until i get the letter through the door.. but I can not it's driving me mad waiting all ready I thought it was bad enough waiting for the Coloscopy.. i managed to try not to think about that..    to be honest  i   don't really want to go back at all..  but i guess thats not an option.. I didn't like not being told much is this usual? 

 Sorry I seem to have gone on and on here don't i??..   I only wanted to ask what the average waiting time was for getting biopsy results back...  and what other's had results wise who were simular to my results so far.. Thank you in advance for reading my post... I again apologise for going on a little..   I haven't really spoken to anybody about it barring telling a couple of close friends and my sister & partner about the smear test results..  


sara x

Hi! I know what a worrying time this, I'm going through it too although I have had my lletz treatment for cin 2 and 3 last week. My results of the biopsy took 2 weeks to come through which does seem average. The fact they aren't planning to treat you till January sounds to me like they aren't too worried about it. I was told my cin 3 and 3 could take years to develop into anything worse!. I know this probably won't stop u worrying! I am also extremely ancious about getting the results from my treatment!. Dont do what I've done and google stuff, it really doesn't help. You have done the right thing by posting on here. I've had amazing support!. Also if u ever want to feel free to message me, we can support each other :-) x

Hi Shelley thank you for posting back.. Yes I did go onto google but then I thought no no no.. And googled Jo's trust instead as I have read some peoples stories on here whilst awaiting my  colopscopy today.. I did keep wanting to sign up and post but thought I would wait until I had got today over with.. I am glad I found Jo's trust this fourm seems to be helping alot of people... I feel abit more at ease after your reply...  I was just worried they thought... wait until Jan its almost xmas or something ( over thinking things i guess! ) How was the Lletz treatment did it take longer than the biopsys is it as uncomfortable? Sorry to hear about your results glad to hear it can take years to develop though! All I kept thinking on the way home was..   I have 3 kids..  what if I get bad results ect.. 

Yes I will message you... be glad to have a friend/ support on here and to beable to support you aswell.. when did you go for your smear? was it the first abnormal smear result? SOrry for asking questions :/..    

thank you :) sarah x

Hi Sarah! I've sent you a rather lengthy private message! X 

Recieved thank you Shelley xxxx

Hello hun! Okay first thing is first - stop worrying yourself! You have 3 beautiful children & they need all your attention, so focus on them! Secondly, I think if they it was anything sinister or worrying, they would have either treated you there & then or they will fast track your results & mark them as urgent if they think you need treating straight away. It's natural to worry & be impatient with getting your results lol I know because I'm still waiting on my biopsy results from my colposcopy, so I'm there with you hun! I've been waiting a little over 2 weeks for my results. I did call the hospital yesterday, but they hadn't received my results yet. Also the lady I spoke too told me that if they was worried about it then they would have marked it as urgent. It will probably be the case with you too hun. I think she also would have told you there & then what she thought it was - as in what grade etc.. Plesee update us when you do receive your results :) and in the mean time lady, don't stress it! Xxx

I to are waiting for biopsy results and smear test results, I was sent for colposcopy by gp, and consultant did biopsy and smear. I have used our private medical insurance and I'm not sure if that really makes any difference to biopsy results (surely they all have to undertake the same testing) and I've been advised results will be 2-3 weeks. What I didn't ask was whether I got a letter with the results or whether they go straight to my consultant. I'm penciled in for my next appt on Monday 25th which will have been 13 days unless my results havent arrived by this date.

Hi hunny thank you for your reply...  Your right not to stress.. Im trying not to  re-decorating the boys bedroom today.. to take my mind off things.. I'd love to just know  now..  the waiting is the hardest part I guess....  She never said anything about what grade ect.. she didn't really say too much at all to be honest.. Just said she would write to me when she has results in.. It sounds like your at a simular stage to me in the waiting process.. Just a little closer to finding out.. awaiting on biopsy results... keep in touch and let me know how you get on hun...  I had my first ever smear in oct aswell same age... I think thats why I was more worried with it being the first.. thinking how long have I had things going on for ect..   Good Luck and I hope you get good results from your biopsy like i said keep in touch hun.. thank you again for replying xxx

Hi hunny...  thanks for posting back...  I hope the process is quicker for you with you going private.!..  They have told me I will have a letter.. but been told pretty much double the time you have been told ( 2-3 weeks )...   I am guessing they will write to you aswell or your consultant will write to you when he has recieved them...   Monday the 25th is not to far away for you luckily.. ( I bet it will feel like forever as it gets closer to the day aswell! )...  I really hope its good news for you post back when you have been won't you to update everybody on your results..  

I find it a good thing that it is so common ( well not good as nobody wants to go through this ) but the fact it's that common and caught early enough before it does progress into anything sinister..    


Fingers crossed to all you guy's waiting on your results...    


thank you again everybody for posting back...   I know it's made me feel abit better being on here! 




Love Sarah xxx

Hi, everybody.


I am also playing the waiting game.  I had biopsies during colposcopy three weeks ago tomorrow after a low grade abnormal smear + high risk HPV.  I've gone from being deperate for results to DREADING getting home from work in case THE LETTER is waiting for me!  Every night I'm quite relieved when it's not there!  It's so silly because, of course, I do want to know... but I don't want any bad news and it just feels easier to ignore it.  My very logical fiance says "it will come eventually you know."


In my "hurry up results" phase I called the clinic.  They said up to 6 weeks, although they try to do it in 4.  So I could have another 3 weeks of the walk of dread to go!


Good luck to you all xxx

No advice really ladies but just want to say I sympathise with all of you! Got my smear results back on the 12th and feel like it has been the longest week of my life so far waiting for my colposcopy which is on Monday. I think I'm having a LLETZ and then have the wait for the results of that to look forward too! Really helps knowing I'm not alone in all of this though :)

Well my results are in, however I've no idea what they say. I emailed the secretary of my consultant today to check I could still go ahead with Mondays appt and she replied that results wasn't with here but had called pathology who had said results were back and my consultant/Doctor would have them in the morning and my appt on Monday evening would remain the same. So it's anyone's guess as to what they say. If all ok it will just be having treatment for as doctor said "very large erosion"

If results say anything abnormal then I'm sure he will tell me Monday and we will do whatever treatment he then suggests. I'm not sure whether to be happy or worried that the results are in already. I was told by the doctor to expect them to be 2-3 weeks and they are back in 10 days! I have read lots of info on here but tried not to worry to much, but now I know the results are in its a but like knowing you have a surprise waiting and not in a good way. Well let's see what's happens Monday and I'll let you all know :) hoping you all get yours results very soon :)

Hi again ladies..

Mc1605 - I bet it’s worrying they are back so soon but I am glad they are back for you… it means you can get on with treatment pretty soon and hopefully put it all behind you… I have my fingers crossed for you on Monday… let me know how you get on hun xx<

Clareel - it does feel so long doesn’t it??..  The colposcopy  I wouldn’t worry too much about it’s slightly uncomfortable but it doesn’t hurt… just try to remember to get as many questions in as possible before you leave unlike me… I still kicking myself now for not asking what I wanted to there and then and having to wait until next time… hope it goes well for you! xxx

lb84 - Oh gosh… I do understand what you mean… I want to know the results so I can get on with treatment/ get rid of what ever it is!..  But then again I understand… your not looking forward to finding out… I know when I was waiting for my smear results. .I knew something was wrong but didn’t expect it to be with my cervix and when they suggested a smear test as I hadn’t had one before… the panic set in… then I forgot about it the day after until I got the letter with in around 5 day’s… As soon as I opened it the first thing I saw was a leaflet  what your abnormal results mean - I couldn’t even read the letter… It was like my whole life just stopped for those moments… ;But now I have had the colposcopy the biopsies… I know I am on my way to getting things sorted… & Just the dredded wait of those results now before treatment… that’s driving me mad… I want to know but then again I really don’t want to know as it’ll be like reading the smear results all over again… & I hope you all get your results/ treatment soon and we can look forward to christmas with our familys knowing whats going off… xxxx

Well I went back this evening and the doctor apologised. He had the results of biopsy but not the smear. My biopsy was all clear (phew) however he won't do any treatment for the erosion until my smear results are back which he thinks should be by the end of the week.