Received my consent  form today  to see  if  I wanted to know the results of my audit my question  is for people  that  found out as it helped finding out xx

Hi, Sorry I cant answer your question but I have wondered the same thing. Each time I meet my consultant she says to let them know if I want to see the results. Not sure if it would be helpful or not. xx


I have  said I want my results  just  hope it helps  me it constantly  plays on my mind how  it got from  clear  to 3b in 2 yrs 

I'm 3b and as like you I had my smear October 2015 which was all clear, started with symptoms December 2015 but didn't get my diagnosis until April 2017 as they ruled out CC due to my clear smears, I'm going to see a consultant in September to discuss my results of the audit as I need to know for my own peace of mind if something had or hadn't been missed.  Whatever you decide to do is down to you, take care xx

I'm waiting  for a appointment  to see my consultant about this  ur audit back quick as I was diagnosed  in December  2016 they said it cud take  up  to 2 yrs let us know  how u get on x

Hi all :-)

I had always assumed that it would be something pointless like closing the stable door after the horse had bolted? But I read somewhere here a long time ago that it has quite a serious effect on your legal status? Not sure because it's irrelevant where I live anyhow, but if remaining ignorant of the results of your audit means that you are not entitled to proper care as and when you might need later it then it's much better to know that first. Perhaps it was Anna Sparkles who put me on to that one? Not sure right now, but don't just avoid it, find out how your future rights might be affected first.

Be lucky :-)