Atypical Glandular Cells - help! - recommend me a UK specialist!

Hello all you fantastically helpful ladies! :) I'm writing to you all from Denmark and I am 25 years old.

I had LLETZ treatment for severe dysplasia 2 years ago, followed by clear PAP-smears and colpo+ECC.

Now I have a PAP-smear that says atypical glandular cells, adenomacarcinoma is situ cannot be excluded (that last bit I was told always is written when these cells are atypical, according to my gyno)

Due to the nature of glandular cells and the fact that they can be further up beyond what a normal colpo can reach, and considering the previous severe dysplasia and cancer in family, I would like to pay privately for at minimum a cold knife cone biopsy by a gyn-oncologist, possibly trachlectomy. I would also pay for a thorough check of uterus, breasts and ovaries, as the atypical glandular cells can come from these areas. I'm basically terrified.

Since my family live in the UK, is there a hospital or gyn-oncologist who is proactive and that you can recommend situated in the UK? Someone who knows their way around CGIN and takes self-payers?

In Denmark it is more often a wait and see approach in the public system, which I am at all not comfortable with after researching.


Thank you in advance everyone, I hope you can help me.

Louise XXX


The more I read about AGC (atypical glandular cells) the mor I weep.

Can anyone shed some light on this... :(