Atypical cells after trachelectomy

Hi everyone,
Hope you’re all doing well :slight_smile:
I had my trachelectomy for 1b1 adenocarcinoma in Feb last year. My first smear was clear, no hpv, colposcopy fine etc. However, my last smear has come back with atypical cells and I have to go for a colposcopy. I spoke to my consultant and he said he is not overly worried and the trach can sometimes throw up odd results but they have to be careful. Has anybody heard of this before or have any experience of this? I’m obviously worried about recurrence and what is weird is that I felt physically fine before I got this news but now I am getting abdominal aches and pains!
Many thanks guys


I had that a year after my cone surgery for 1b1.. All previous follow ups have been fine and then suddenly atypical cells were present. Apparently this often happens because we have very little to no cervix left and the cells from uterus etc slide down to cervix and appear as atypical. I was in complete panic and had to have another 2 smears, an internal MRI and colposcopy before they decided it was nothing.. 

Hope this calms you down a little bit..

Hi! I had this - also at 1 year check up. They did additional analysis for HPV, not found which for them meant it's ok. Sometimes after this operation there are "wrong" cells in thanalysis (cells from the scars, from other places not related to cervix), and they are reported back as abnormal. Do colposcopy and ask to check for HPV, and this will put your mind in peace

Thanks so much for this Anna, I remember talking to you last year aswell before my trach and you set my mind at ease then too. I really appreciate that.  It's mad, you are getting on with your life, feeling great and then something knocks you back to square one! I'm sure you know what I mean. I'm trying to keep in mind that it's prob nothing!! I hope you're doing really well :)

Hi Liana, thank you so much for this, it's crazy, both replies I've had- you and Anna- both had this at 1 year check up like me. Fingers crossed I'm lucky like you guys. I really appreciate your reply. Hope you're doing great!! :)

You are very welcome, I am quite confident it's nothing especially as your consultant isn't worried. Mine told me afterwards this is to be expected within the first 18-24 months, wish they told me earlier, then I wouldn't have worried that much when I heard the smear wasnt't clear!