At least six month waiting list for colposcopy

Hi all,

Got notification of abnormal smear and positive HPV today and a referral for colposcopy. With coronavirus I assumed waiting list would be longer than usual as resources are diverted understandably, so I rang up to ask how long I could expect to wait. I was told that waiting list is currently at least six months. I have a history of cervical cancer and death in my family, so I didn't want to wait that length of time (in my experience with NHS waiting lists, take what you've been told and double it). I rang the closest private hospital to see if I could get seen quicker with them and they are closed until further notice. They told me to ring back in May to see if they have reopened and they might be able to see me during the summer.


Anyway, I'm going to be freaking out for the foreseeable. Has anyone had to wait  this long before? Is it a time sensitive thing? Any advice gratefully received.