at last//update

So i got a call today as there has been such a mix up with everything at the moment... Long story short I got the call to say they were very sorry but paper work had gone a stray and did not realise i was on for urgent treatment so they have booked me in for the 31st of march my scan is on the 22nd so looks like things are starting to happen at long last... my gp has all ready made me awear they think this could be cc so in a way i feel abit more settled now i know something is being done...



Love to all xx

Phew well I am glad u are now getting seen urgently rather than in 6 months!!  I hope you kind of feel that it was well worth questioning what u had previously been told well done u. I think if doc suspects cc it might be worth asking some q on forums / use the info on Jo's to see what to possibly expect but DO NOT GOOGLE as the stuff out there can paint a very bleak picture and be inaccurate. I convinced myself that I would go straight into menopause with the ovary saving hysterectomy that was recommended as the Internet said I only had a 15% chance of my ovaries working. queried with  my doctor and she said the risk is dependent on lots of other factors and given I am (relatively)  young, physically fit with no previous gynae problems the menopause risk would be low.  

Thank you I have stayed away from Google as of a few weeks ago before that I must admit I googled lots and just got freaked out by it all so great advice lol I have not been given a letter yet wad just told over the phone the date of my appointment.. I would like to know is it a over night stay or are you home the same day ? If they fine anything more do let let you know there and then or do you have to wait on results? Do they send what they have taken to the lab ? Sorry lots of questions x I am very anxious about all this and must admit not delt with it very well x thank you so much for your response lots of hugs xx 

Joni u might want to repost your questions with a new title with scans in as no one has advised but I think quite a few ladies should be able to help. I have never had a scan so don't know answers. Xxx