At a loss

Hi, I'm not sure where to post this to be honest as it does nt really fit in any topic heading. My partner was diagnosed stage IIb CC last October the treatment was undertaken with a view to eradicate it. Sadly 12 months later she is facing a different story.In June treatment was stopped mid way through the second cycles of chemotherapy as it was proving ineffective and the tumour was nt responding, she was also told that it was inoperable. She has had two nephrostomies and also we believe she has a fistula (?) between her urether and cervix which has caused her to permanently leak discharge and urine. On top of that she is now experience constant passing of loose stools. The outlook is not what we expected and we are trying desperately hard to manage the pain and symptoms as best we can. My biggest concern is her weight loss and lack of appetite, she struggles to eat and anything she does seems to go straight through her. Our GP and Macmillan Nurse are fabulous and have prescribed complete drinks like ensure and aymes. I guess my question is is there anything food wise that will help build her up or any other supplements, she is so weak she is virtually bed bound. I really want her to have the best quality of life possible but it is a struggle for so many reasons. Any advice would be very welcome.

I'm so sorry I can't offer any advice for you but would just like to say you've come to the right place an I'm sure somebody will be along to give any advice or tips. You can try using the search box to look back through old posts too. Somebody may well of spoke about this somewhere on here. 

Really sorry you are all going through this and that I can't offer any advice.



Thank you, I've searched past posts and found some really helpful ones. It justs feels like we're, or should I say, she is fighting the fight alone now.

I really do t know what to say as I can't possibly imagine your situation. 

I know my husband finds my seizures very difficult to watch (I'm epileptic) so your position much be so so difficult.

im sure your wife is very much comforted by having you with her. 

Huge hugs for the both of you.

Wish I could be of more help to you 



Hi Topaz. Sorry you are both having such a tough time. It's so hard seeing someone you love struggling. You are not alone, there are lots of people here that will read your posts and send you their love and support. My experience of poorly people is finding little treats that they like, smoothies, jelly, soup. Stuff that is easy to digest and you can add supplements to. I'm sure you are trying all that so I am not much help. Just wanted you to know that a cyber hug is winging it's way to you as you read this. Xxxx

Thank you both x