Has anyone else heard about the benefits of long term low dose Asprin for Cancer prevention? I read a report which came out right at the end of my treatment that taken over long periods it reduced the spread of cancer through metastasis by around 50%!


I spoke to my Oncologist at my follow up and she said 'go for it' and ive been taking it every day since. I just wondered if anyone else had any thoughts on it or feedback from their MDT?



I hadn’t heard of this, how much are you taking daily?

I have heard Asprin does have other benefits too, I may just do some googling :wink: though to be honest I’m rubbish at taking a vitamin each day let alone anything else!

Hi, I am taking 75mg a day and take it with my HRT so I dont forget! You should find some articles on Google. The report was in the Lancet I think around June time? It was also in the popular press so you should find an article on it somewhere! x