Asking if I already had kids and if I want more in future

Hi I had my first smear in Jan. The nurse said she could see cells on my cervix. Results came back within a week saying severe dyskaryosis so booked colposcopy. The appointment came through and also said I would have lletz done at the same time. When i got there they asked if I already had kids and also asked if I planned to have more in the future. Is this a normal question they ask? Really worried. Been waiting 3 weeks for results and dreading it because of them asking that question as I'm only 25 X

Clair, I was asked during my 2nd colpo if I'd had kids. It never crossed my mind until a couple of days later & then like you I began to get anxious. (I'm 38 with no children :( ) Unfortunately like you I am awaiting my results. I figured that as my case is being discussed at their multi-disciplinary meeting they wanted to check so that SHOULD I need any further treatment they can look at the appropriate options & give me the right info. My appt for my results isn't until 12th April so if you know anything before I'd be interested to hear from you. I could spend the next month guessing what it means but all I'll end up doing is wasting energy that could be spent elsewhere lol

Thanks for the reply. How come you already have a date for your results? i have heard a few people day this. I was just told they would write in about a month. Good luck though xx

HHello I had my colo and lletz last Thursday 

I also got asked this question but I do have a little boy but I am only 26 so I may want more children so this question had me worried! 


I am awaiting my ready results and she said she would write to me in 3 weeks! 


Good lunck with results girls :) 


Hi thanks for the reply. I have been waiting 3 wks for my results so phoned hospital today and they said 4-6 wks :( good luck xx

Hi girls I think the question is standard now as with CIN 1 and sometimes CIN 2 they do a wait and see and ask you back in 6 months rather than give treatment. They do this as a LLETZ may effect future pregnancies in that a shortening could cause a misscarraige. In saying that I had more than half my cervix removed for stage 1b1 cervical cancer through two LLETZ and I’m 37 weeks pregnant at the moment. Good luck with results x

Clair, firstly sorry for the delay in my reply. I actually had my 2nd colpo 7th dec but when I hadn’t heard anything 5 weeks later I rang them. My case was going back to the multi-disciplinary meeting (which wasn’t until 1st Feb!.) I didn’t get a letter until 18th Feb & then there were no results just an appt so I’m panicking a bit. Especially as after my 1st colpo they sent me the results.

Hi Toca  congratulations!! :) Hope all goes well. Sorry to hear about your bad results but u have proved there can be a happy ending! How long did u have to wait for your results? X

hi qsq. Hope all goes well for you too. Let us know how u get on. still waiting for my results xx

Hi clairbear87,

I had to have leep 3april(cin2) they asked me about kids etc too??? I never thought at time but on the way home thought ’ do they know something already…? They see alot of poor woman in these situations with outcomes good and bad! My husband bless him said maybe they were just making conversation? ( men lol ) I have been worrying about it, and feels like forever waiting for these results. I’m glad I came to read your post as I thought I was just being paranoid ( easily done at this time in your life)

I hope everything is good for you, and all the ladies awaiting results, let me know the outcome xxx take care