Asked to have urgent appointment with GP after smear test


I was told I would get my smear results by post but instead was sent a text to call to book urgent call or face to face appointement with my GP.

They have only given to me a tlephone app in 8 days time (I’m going to try get same day appointment starting tomorrow Monday).

I’m obviously freaking out… but question is, is this any normal? Text (on a Sunday) instead of letter for urgent app but then not give me one until 8 days??

Thanks for any answers you might have

Oh, for Pete's sake! That's so frustrating for you. Hope you kept calling and pestering them for a faster appointment, and they managed to fit you in sooner. Sorry I can't be of any help - just wanted to offer some mental support. Take care

Hi Nat2, I had this but only received an email to say that a telephone appointment had been made for me with my doctor for later that morning.  I called them to say a mistake must have been made because I hadn't made the appointment and the receptionist told me that the doctor had asked for the appointment to be made!  I panicked! When I spoke to the doctor he informed me that they'd received my smear test results and abnormal cells had been identified therefore I was being referred for a colposcopy appointment and to wait for the hospital to make me an appointment.  The doc couldn't give me much information but explained what would happen at the colposcopy appointment.  He did say that they telephone if abnormal cells are found so that you can discuss with your GP and ask any questions etc.  He said that it's normal procedure to do that rather than send out a letter as it can be quite a shock and you can't ask a letter any questions!   I've had my colposcopy appointment and had a biopsy at the first appointment and was told it was CIN3.  Had another appointment three weeks ago for the LLETZ treatment (loop excision) and waiting to see if the results of that match the biopsy results and that it has clear margins etc.  They don't mess about with things like this so try not to freak out!  

Hi Kimx, so sorry I only saw your answer now! I hope the LLETZ went fine. 

The situation you described was exactly what happened to me, I was called in for a colcoscopy after they found abnormal cells and hpv. I'm still on the process now, had 2 LLETZ and now they can't find anything on the biopsy but still having CIN2 in the smear test they did at the same time... 


I have to wait for 5 months now to do another smear and 'give the cells more time to develop' so they can find the focus.


Very frustrating!!

btw this is now in Spain, as in the colposcopy in London they didn't see damage and asked me to return in 3 years...