Asked to go in after biopsy results the next day


I had a colposcopy on the 9th November after smear test and having HPV coming back and cell changes. My cervix had lots of abnormal areas and I had 9 biopsies and a polyps removed. The hospital have rang me today but wouldn’t tell me anything and asked me to go in tomorrow. They were so vague so it could be nothing but surely if its nothing they would tell me over the phone. Sorry my head is having a wobble and just wondered if anyone had a similar experience. They said they thought my cells were high risk but that was at the colposcopy.



The waiting and your mind running all sorts of scenario is the worst. I remember being in the same position but I didn’t have a great outcome.

Just remember cancer is only one possibility but tomorrow you’ll have all the answers.

I am so sorry. It’s such a mindf* at this stage and waiting periods are the worse. Even when I found out I had cancer I felt better because if knew what I was dealing with

I’ve finished treatment and if anyone asked me the worse part I’d hands down say all the waiting (and that includes all the treatment side effects!)

Hope all goes well tomorrow

Thanks so much for your response. They don’t make the wait easy. It’s all cloak and dagger when you ask what you need to go in for.


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Oh absolutely! @Syra1980

I’ll keep everything crossed for you x

Hi @Syra1980

I didn’t have a phone call to ask me to go in for my results, but I did receive a letter asking me to go in for a discussion and the wait was four days.

I completely agree that your mind goes through every tiny little thing that could happen or be said and the waiting was horrendous, I spent the whole time basically torturing myself with all these ideas.

They told me that I had stage 1a1 cancer but it had been removed with my LLETZ, I just had another LLETZ to ensure 5mm clear margins but it was totally unexpected as my biopsy had only confirmed CIN2.

Sending lots of love and positive wishes x

Hi Syra,

I’m wishing you all the best for today, I have you in my thoughts. Sending so much love and positivity x

Heather x

I got there and they didn’t see me for 2.5 hours, they forgot about me and when I did see the dr I was told I’ve got cancer. Honestly you can’t make this stuff up. X

Thanks so much. Sadly it wasn’t the news I was hoping. Back in again today. X

@Syra1980 cannoy even think the emotions you would have felt having to wait that long. I swear it’s completely unacceptable and I am annoyed on your behalf.

I am sorry that you had to join this crappy club. If you need anything just ask and please use this forum/site and don’t google anything!

Easier said than done I know.

Sending hugs
Peachy x

Just had a lletz, she said the area was quite large and to prepare for a hysterectomy. They are so blasé I know they have to be but surely they must know how hard it is. And it’s another 2-4 weeks for stage. Happy Christmas to me :joy: honestly if I don’t laugh x

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Merry Christmas eh? But you have a good attitude. I mean you cannot control the waiting period unless you wanna be a nuisance patient :sweat_smile: don’t recommend

Just control what you can and keep a positive mind but allow yourself the down days also. Having a positive mindset is exhausting!

I’ve got to wait to sometime in Feb to find out if I am cancer free. Cancer has so much waiting time!