Asked if I had children?

While performing a smear test, the nurse asked me if I had any children. I don't. Why would she have asked?

Making conversation? Try not to panic. 

Thanks. She really, really hurt me when the speculum went in and she was really surprised - which didn't make me feel good. First time, it hurt like that, since my first smear when the nurse said she had to use a smaller one. So maybe this time, the nurse didn't use a smaller one. But instead of saying 'oh really, I don't know why that is, she should have changed her method. I think she did in the end.

And oddly enough, I had brown spotting on the day of my smear, and two days on, my period is here! Strange...

I'm so glad that your smear and CIN 1 is gone.

did you got lsil and hpv high risk positive ?