ASc-US- pap smear finding-Worried sick now

My doctor called me today and asked me to go for some further test tomorrow regarding the Atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance' finding in my papsmear. Worried sick now about this. Does it mean my cancer is back again?

Hello! Was it the 1year post treatment pap smear? Maybe it just hasnt fully healed yet, hence the somewhat abnormal cells. They just have to be extra careful, so must do further checks to make sure...

Wishing you best of luck!

What was your staging and treatment? How many years in clear? I just had the same result like yours for my latest thin prep result (like Pap smear). I am worrying sick as well. I just dropped my docfor an email for further clarification. Hope all is well.

Does anyone experience the same result stage 1b1 post 1.5 years of RH?



Hi! I went to my doctor and he did a second pap smear. It came back clear. My doctor told me that this happens sometimes. Usually, the second papsmear turns out negative. I am in my second year post treatment. I hope this helps you.